Shipping Tips for Online Business

More and more people these days have some type of side business to provide some extra income. Some reports put the number as high as nearly 40% of Americans! For many people, their side hustle comes in the form of an online business. And with online tools and marketplaces like Etsy, Ebay and Amazon, selling products online is easier than ever.

However, while these platforms make the selling of products easy, they don’t always provide a lot of guidance on how to get the products where they need to go! Here’s some suggestions on how to ship efficiently and what type of shipping supplies to use to ensure your products arrive safe and sound.

1) Pass shipping costs along to the customer.

Shipping products can be expensive and can majorly cut into profit margins, particularly if you’re shipping a heavy item, or if you’re shipping it quickly or to a far away location. It’s pretty standard practice to put the burden of shipping cost on the buyer, so don’t be shy about asking them to pay for it! However, offering free shipping can be a great promotion if you’re running a holiday special or trying to generate some sales in a short period of time.

2) Choose quality shipping supplies.

Choosing quality supplies to ship your items in is important. This usually means choosing supplies that are not only high quality, but also fit your item well. Don’t settle for boxes that are too big for your item because the extra space can leave room for your item to shift and potentially cause damage. Also, use filler like bubble wrap or crumpled paper to fill any extra space and to keep your item from shifting in the box.

3) Choose the right shipping supplier.

For most items, simple US Postal will be sufficient to deliver your package and is often the cheapest option too. However, for speedier delivery or other options, using a dedicated shipping company may be a better choice. If you are shipping overseas, you can come across some unique challenges but US Postal can typically handle the task, or you can use a more specialized international carrier like DHL.

4) Make it look great!

Your delivery box will be the first thing your customer sees when your item shows up on their doorstep. Put some thought into how your box looks! Decorate it, personalize it or make sure your logo is on it. In a world of social media, a well designed box could be an opportunity for your customer to share a picture of your box with their friends and family.

We hope this helps you get your items where they need to go safe and sound!