What You Can Do This Year for Earth Day

Earth Day. Most people forget it’s on April 22nd. Even more forget to practice the values of Earth Day for the other 364 days in the year.

Most likely, you’re one of those people who fail to apply everything you do to the rest of the year outside of Earth Day. And I can’t even say I blame you, as I’m the same way. But we can afford to change that now if we tried.

This year, I decided to start donating money each month that’s roughly the amount that would offset my carbon footprint. The money goes to various charities that help to restore the environment and negate global warming. I figured it’s the bare minimum I could do in helping to reverse the effects of global warming worldwide.

What about other things I can do, too? Well, that’s good you asked. Because I’ve been brainstorming a few things I can do (and you can follow suit) this year to practice what I’m preaching.

Cut back on red meat

This is a big one. The US in particular is a huge consumer of red meat. And the more cattle we’ve got, the more methane that goes into the atmosphere. Methane is roughly 27 times worse for the ozone layer as carbon dioxide, meaning alllll those cows we’re constantly in demand of aren’t doing us any favors. Besides, the more livestock we’ve got, the more grass that’s ultimately grazed upon and eaten up.

Opt for recyclable materials

My shipping supplies consist of some unfortunately harmful materials like styrofoam (especially those packing peanuts) and other plastics. Instead, I try to get other materials like paper and cardboard when replenishing my shipping supplies.

Reduce my water usage

There’s absolutely no reason I need to run nearly as much water as I do when I clean the dishes. In fact, I’m often found leaving the sink running while I wash everything, and this leads to a lot of wasted water down the drain. Just as well, I can afford to cut back on how long I shower. This would only help to get me into work earlier, too, so it works twofold for my situation.

Buy less clothes from retailers

Alright, I know this is almost entirely unavoidable. But resale shops exist for multiple reasons, and one of those is to support the environment. Rather than throwing clothes away, you can give others the chance to buy clothes from you instead of supporting clothing stores that likely source their materials from factories.