Why Bubble Wrap is Really Useful

Bubble wrap is one of those things most people don’t equate with SHipping SuPPlies. Rather, it’s the stress reliever or the tool you once used to annoy your sibling. Despite it being known for its iconic popping sound once a bubble bursts, its primary use is to protect items from being damaged when in transit.

Here are a few interesting facts about bubble wrap and how it’s used in shipping.


Did you know that bubble wrap bubbles come in different sizes? The smaller the bubble means that the product it’s protecting isn’t as fragile. But if the item is prone to being easily breakable, bigger bubbles are far better. Additionally, bubbles are graded for use, like economy grade or even high or strong grade.

Bubble wrap also comes with the option of stickiness! Who knew? But there definitely is bubble wrap that sticks to whatever you’re trying to protect. Adhesive bubble wrap will stick right to a product in order to keep it snug. This type of bubble wrap especially helps for oddly shaped objects. And, even if you’re not looking for that level sticky contact, there’s a type of wrap that’s cohesive bubble wrap, meaning it sticks to itself. This enables the wrap to still protect an item while giving it sufficient room to breathe.

Bubble wrap can do even more when it comes to electronics. You obviously want your electronics to be safe while being transported, but did you know that anti-static bubble wrap can protect your electronic devices and other technology not only by cushioning them but also keeping them zap-free?


One of bubble wrap’s initially intended uses was to insulate greenhouses. I couldn’t believe it at first learning it either, but apparently bubble wrap does a decent job at insulating things. So, if you’ve got an item that should be kept warmer, bubble wrap actually does a good job at keeping it warm. (And something most people don’t know is that it also serves to keep dust and dirt off of a new product. That’s a no brainer, of course, but it’s definitely a positive to wrapping items with it.)

So, while bubble wrap is fun to pop and relieves stress when popping it, it really is one of the most useful shipping supplies out there in keeping items and products safe from the bumpiness of the road during delivery.

A Few Essentials for Gift Giving During the Holidays

Let it be known that, as a kid, it’s a cardinal sin to give any other gifts but toys, but as adults, we still like our toys. From electronics to makeup and cars to home appliances, our idea of “toys” are just a bit more grown-up—and expensive. No matter the case, age causes distance. As we grow older, we sometimes grow away from our family and friends. This, in turn, may mean less physical contact during the holidays and more reliance on delivery companies.

So, we need more supplies for these methods of delivery. But think about the times when you’ve run out of staples. Or when you needed tape for a random school project for your kid. Or even when you were in need of a manila envelope to submit your pristine resume to a new job. It kind of sucks when your lack of common shipping supplies forces you to make a trip to the local office supplies store, right?

Well, you’re not alone in the masses. Whether or not you realize it, a lot of households shirk their duties to keep up-to-date on office supplies in the home. The thing is, you can use these items in a lot of different ways outside of the office. Whether you’re intending to wrap gifts, ship things to a distant family member during their birthday, or just keep your office space tidy for work at home, you’re sure to benefit from this list of essential shipping supplies items.

  • Packaging tape. A staple in any home, packaging tape seals the deal when it comes to remedying a lot of things. Most may consider it a poor man’s duct tape, but if you’re packing things up for the long run, shipping something, or even repairing your kid’s diorama project, packaging tape is a home essential. No matter what, though, it allows you to wrap all those gifts you’re putting off.
  • Black markers. No matter if you’re reading this and think you don’t really “need” most of these items for shipping. Everyone can benefit from a black marker! Think about the times you write on envelopes, boxes, or anything else and need a little more umph out of your pen. Bottom line: These things are what everyone (mostly!) uses during the holidays to address a gift to someone else, especially because you can write it directly on a package.
  • Manila envelopes. You can send random items in these things. You can apply to jobs with them. You can store important documents in them. Whatever the case, almost everyone past the age of 18 has used a manila envelope. Whether or not you should keep 10 on hand or 100, they’re an essential in your life (even if you don’t want to admit it!). As a bonus, they’re useful for shipping smaller packages to distant family members around the holidays.

While this list is great for the holidays, you can definitely benefit from having a surplus of shipping supplies year-round. Whether it’s for the office, your kids’ school endeavors, or simply keeping in touch with the family, keeping your desk at home stocked with the appropriate supplies is important.